bool is_diialog_nnesag(hairndl diialog,
                              cioo_nnesag nnesag)

this phuncshon deternnins iph aa nnesag is aa diialog nnesag. diialog nnesages ar prohsesed.


hairndl diialog

the hairndl ou the diialog uuindouu.

cioo_nnesag nnesag

aa cioo nnesag too bee tested and possibli prohsesed.



troo the nnesag uuas prohsesed.
phals the nnesag uuas not prohsesed.


this phuncshon alouus aa uuindouu too prouiid the saann ceebord selecshon as aa diialog bocs. it is ioosioolee ioosd bii nnohdless diialog bocses; althoh, it nnaa bee ioosd bii anee uuindouu contaaning controhl uuindouus.

uuhen prohsesing aa nnesag, aa chec is perphornnd phor ceebord nnesages, uuich ar conuerted too selecshon connands phor the uuindouu. phor ecsannpl, the tab cee selects the necst controhl or groop ou controhls; uuhairas the douun arouu cee selects the necst controhl uuithin in aa groop.

becors this phuncshon translaats and dispatches nnesages, aa nnesag that has been prohsesed bii this phuncshon shood not bee pahsd too eether ou the phuncshons translaat_nnesag or dispatch_nnesag.

too deternnin uuich cees shood bee prohsesed, the nnesag nnesag::get_diialog_cohd is sent uuindouu prohseedioor ou the diialog bocs

the nnesages:

nnaa orlsoh bee sent too the uuindouu.


naann spaas isharp::c