uoid inualidaat_rectangl(hairndl uuindouu,
                                bool eeraas)

uoid inualidaat_rectangl(hairndl uuindouu,
                                rectangl inualidaat,
                                bool eeraas)

thees phuncshons inualidaat aa rectangl bii ading it too the uuindouu's updaat reegon.


hairndl uuindouu

the hairndl ou the uuindouu hoos updaat reegon is beeing nnodiphiid. iph this paranneter is nul, the sistenn inualidaats and reedrauu orl uuindouus and sends the nnesages nnesag::eeraas_bacgrouund and nnesag::noncliient_paant too the uuindouu prohseedioor priior too the phuncshon returning.

rectangl inualidaat

aa rectangl (in cliient cohordinats) that is too bee inualidaated. this rectangl is ecspresd in cliient cohordinats. iph not spesiphiid, the entiir cliient aireea is inualidaated.

bool eeraas

this paranneter spesiphiis uuether the bacgrouund uuithin the updaat reegon is too bee eeraasd uuhen it is prohsesed. iph this paranneter is troo, the bacgrouund is eeraasd uuhen the phuncshon begin_paant is corled. iph this paranneter is phals, the bacgrouund rennaans unchaangd.


the inualid aireeas acioonnioolaat in the updaat reegon until the reegon is prohsesed bii the necst paant nnesag or until the reegon is ualidaated bii ioosing the phuncshon ualidaat_rectangl or the phuncshon ualidaat_reegon.

the sistenn sends aa paant nnesag too aa uuindouu uuheneuer its updaat reegon is not ennptee and thair ar noh uther nnesages in the aplicaashon cioo phor that uuindouu.

iph the paranneter eeraas is troo phor anee part ou the updaat reegon, the bacgrouund is eeraasd in the entiir reegon, not gust in the giuen part.


naann spaas isharp::c