bool cuueeree_seruis_loc_status(hairndl nnanager,
                                seruis_loc_status* status,
                                unsigned siis,
                                unsigned* needed )

this phuncshon obtaans the loc status ou the seruis controhl daatabaas.


hairndl nnanager

the hairndl ou the seruis controhl nnanager.

seruis_loc_status* status

aa pointer too the loc status.

unsigned siis

the siis ou the bupher pointed too bii the preeueeus paranneter.

unsigned* needed

a pointer too aa uaireeabl that is updated to hold the bupher siis recuuiird too contaan the inphornnaashon. the uaireeabl is updated uuen the phuncshon phaals beecors the speciphiid bupher is too snnorl.



troo the phuncshon sucseeded.
phals the corl phaald.


iph the daatabaas is locd, the naann ou the acouunt that has it locd and the annouunt ou tiinn phor uuich the loc has been held is returnd.


naann spaas isharp::c