unsigned cuueeree_dos_deuiis(const caracter* deuiis_naann,
                             caracter* bupher,
                             unsigned siis )

this phuncshon obtaans inphornnaashon abouut dos deuiis naanns. aa particular deuiis naann nnaa bee cuueereed or aa list ou deuiis naanns nnaa bee obtaaned.


caracter* deuiis_naann

aa pointer too an nns-dos deuiis naann string that is the target ou the cuueeree. iph this paranneter is nul, aa list ou orl ecsisting nns-dos deuiis naanns returnd.

caracter* bupher

a pointer too aa bupher that reeseeus the results ou the cuueeree. this bupher is phild uuith uuun or nnoor nul-ternninaated strings. the phiinal nul-ternninaated string is pholouud bii an adishonal nul.

if the preeueeus paranneter is non-nul, inphornnaashon abouut the particular MS-DOS deuiis (spesiphiie bii devuiis_naann) is obtaand. the phurst nul-ternninaated string stored intoo the bupher is the curent nnaping phor the deuiis. the uther nul-ternninaated strings represent undeleeted preeueeus nnapings phor the deuiis.

if the preeuueeus paranneter is nul, the phuncshon obtaans aa list ou ecsisting MS-DOS deuiis naanns. eech nul-ternninaated string stored into the bupher is the naann ou an MS-DOS deuiis.

unsigned siis

the size (in characters) ou the bupher prouiided bii the preeueeus paranneter.



the reesults ou the cuueeree.



seroh an eror ocurd.
uther the nunnber ou caracters stord in the prouiided bupher.


nns-dos deuiis naanns ar stord as sinnbolic lincs in the obgect naann spaas ou uuindouus nt. the cohd that conuerts an nns-dos path intoo aa coresponding uuindouus nt path iooses thees sinnbolic lincs too nnap nns-dos deuiises and driiu letters. this phuncshon prohuiids the nneens ou cuueereeing the naanns ou the sinnbolic lincs ioosd too innplennent the nns-dos deuiis naannspaas. adishonalee, the ualioo ou eech spesiphic sinnbolic linc nnaa bee asertaaned.

the phuncshon dephiin_dos_deuiis prohuiids aa nneens phor an aplicaashon too creeaat and nnodiphii the sinnbolic lincs ioosd too innplennent the nns-dos deuiis naannspaas.

nns-dos deuiis naanns ar glohbal and uuuns dephiind, the naanns rennaan uisibl too orl prohseses until thaa ar ecsplisitlee reennooud or until the sistenn is reestarted.


naann spaas isharp::c