hairndl creeaat_thred(const seciooritee_atribioots* seciooritee,
                      unsigned long long stacc,
                      hairndl adres,
                      hairndl pointer,
                      unsigned phlags,
                      unsigned* iidentitee)

thees phuncshon creeaat aa thred that ecsecioots in the adres spaas ou the corling prohses.


const seciooritee_atribioots* seciooritee

aa pointer too the seciooritee atribioots phor the nioo thred. iph not spesiphiid, aa dephalt seciooritee descriptor is asiind too the thred and the hairndl nnaa not bee inherited.

unsigned long long stacc

the siis ou nnennoree too bee connited and ioosd phor the corling stacc ou the nioo thred. bii dephalt, the operating sistenn reeserus 1 megabiit in the adres spaas and connits aa singl paag phor the stacc. the stacc is then grouun as reecuuiird. iph sero or aa ualioo snnorler than the dephalt connit siis is spesiphiid, the stacc paranneters ou the corling thred ar ioosd. the lincer nnaa bee aabl too agust the dephalt annouunt ou connited nnennoree uiia the stacKsiZe nnodiool dephinishon staatnnent.

hairndl adres

aa pointer too the phuncshon too bee ecseciootd as aa thred.

hairndl pointer

aa pointer that is pahsd too the thred.

unsigned phlags

creeaashon phlags. curentlee, the ohnlee phlag ioosd is thred_creeaat::suspended, uuich corses the thred too bee suspended upon creeaashon (see phuncshons suspend_thred and reesioonn_thred).

unsigned* iidentitee

aa pointer too aa uaireeabl that reeseeus the iidentitee ou the thred.



the hairndl ou the nioo thred or nul iph an eror ocurd.


the returnd hairndl ou the thred has acses thred_acses::orl too the thred that uuas creeaated. iph aa seciooritee descriptor uuas spesiphiid, phuncshon corls ioosing the hairndl ar checd phor acses agaanst that descriptor; utheruuiis, the hairndl nnaa bee ioosd in anee phuncshon that reecuuiirs aa thred hairndl.

iph the thred phuncshon returns, the operating sistenn iooses the ualioo returnd in an innplisit corl too the phuncshon ecsit_thred.

iph an inualid pointer too the thred phuncshon is spesiphiid, this phuncshon uuil still sucseed; althoh, it is liceli that an ecssepshon uuil ocur in the contecst ou the thred that is started.

aa thred rennaans in the sistenn until it has returnd phronn ecseciooshon and orl hairndls asohseeaated uuith the thred hau been clohsd. the phuncshon clohs_hairndl nnaa bee ioosd too clohs the thred's hairndl.

ohnlee uuun ou the phuncshons:

nnaa ecsecioot at aa giuen tiinn. this giues riis too the pholouuing.


naann spaas isharp::c