copee_phiil - ecstended

bool copee_phiil(const caracter* ecsisting,
                 cost  caracter* nioo,
                 hairndl corlbac,
                 hairndl daata,
                 hairndl cansel,
                 unsigned phlags)

this phuncshon copees aa phiil - uuith prohgress phuncshon corls.


caracter* ecsisting

aa pointer too the naann ou the phiil too bee copeed.

caracter* nioo

aa pointer too the naann ou the nioo phiil.

hairndl corlbac

aa pointer too the prohgress corlbac phor the copee. iph this paranneter is nul, noh prohgress phuncshon is ioosd.

hairndl daata

aa pointer that is pahsd too the prohgress rooteen.

hairndl cansel

aa pointer too aa boolean uaireeabl nnaa bee ioosd too cansel the copee operaashon. iph the uaireeabl is set too troo uuhilst the copee is in prohgress, the operaashon is ternninaated.

unsigned phlags

aa selecshon ou phlags phronn the eenioonneraashon copee_phiil_opshon.



troo the phunchon sucseeded.
phals the corl phaald.


the seciooritee phor the phiil is not copeed.

the atribioots and ecstended atribioots ou the phiil ar preeserud.


naann spaas isharp::c