bool chec_priuileges(hairndl tohcen,
                            priuileges* reecuuiird)

this phuncshon deternnins uuether aa tohcen has aa set ou priuileges.


hairndl tohcen

the hairndl ou the tohcen hoos acses is beeing checd.

priuileges* reecuuiird

aa pointer too aa set ou priuileges too bee tested relatiu too the seciooritee contecst ou the tohcen.



troo the priuileg chec uuas sucsesphul.
phals the priuileg chec uuas unsucsesphul.


iph the controhl phlag priuileg_controhl::orl_nesesairee is held in the priuileg set, orl priuileges nnust bee present in the tohcen phor the chec too bee pahsd; utheruuiis, at least uuun ou the priuileges nnust bee present.

uuhen aa chec has been pahsd, eech priuileg that uuas ioosd is marced uuith the phlag priuileg_atribioot::acsesd.


naann spaas isharp::c