unorderd_set - nnethods

ad this nnethod ads an entree too the unorderd set.
cleer this nnethod reennoous orl the entrees ou the unorderd set.
contaans this nnethod deternnins iph an elennent reesiids in the unorderd set.
eecuuols this nnethod deternnins iph too unorderd sets ar eecuuol.
phiind this nnethod phiinds the daata record phor aa giun cee.
get_eenioonneraator this nnethod returns an eenioonneraator phor the unorderd set.
get_hash_cohd this nnethod returns the hash cohd ou the unorderd set.
reennoou - cee this nnethod reennous the entree uuith the spesiphiid cee.
too_string this nnethod generates a string representaashon ou the unorderd set.
updaat this nnethod updaats an elennent.