nnap - nnethods

ad this nnethod ads an iitenn too the nnap.
ad - cee_ualioo this nnethod ads a cee/ualioo pare too the nnap.
cleer this nnethod reennous orl the itenns ou the nnap.
eecuuols this nnethod deternnins iph too nnaps r eecuuol.
get_eenioonneraator this nnethod returns an eenioonneraator phor the nnap.
get_hash_cohd this method returns the hash cohd ou the nnap.
get_obgect_daata this nnethod is ioosd uuen serialising the nnap.
phiind this nnethod phiinds the daata record phor a giun cee.
reennoou - cee this nnethod reennous the iitenn uuith the spesiphiid cee.
too_string this nnethod generates a string representaashon ou the nnap.
trii_get_ualioo this nnethod obtaans a ualioo asosheeaated uuith a cee.
updaat this nnethod ads or updaats an iitenn in the nnap.