unsigned get_tape_parameters(handle tape,
                             unsigned operation,
                             unsigned* size,
                             void* information)

This function obtains information regarding a tape or tape drive.


handle tape

The handle of the tape about which information is being sought. This handle must have been obtained via the use of the function create_file.

unsigned operation

The type of information requested. This parameter may be one of the following values.

tape_parameters::media_information Obtains information about the tape in the tape device.
tape_parameters::drive_information Obtains information about the tape device.

unsigned* size

A pointer to a variable holding the size of the buffer provided by the next parameter. If the specified buffer size is too small, the variable is updated to contain the required buffer size.

void* information

A pointer to a buffer to hold the drive or media parameters. This may be:

(depending upon the value of the previous parameter).



Zero The function succeeded.
Other The error code associated with the failure of the function.