template <class character>
bool get_string_type(locale_identity locale_string,
                     unsigned information_type,
                     const character* source,
                     int source_length,
                     unsigned short* character_types)

This function obtains type information for each character in a string.


locale_identity locale_string

The locale identity. This identity may be formed via the function make_locale or it may be one of the predefined locales locale_system_default or locale_user_default.

unsigned information_type

The type of information being queried.

const character* source

A pointer to the string containing the characters whose types are being queried.

int source_length

The length (in characters) of the string whose character types are being queried. If -1 is specified, the string is assumed to be null-terminated.

unsigned short* character_types

A pointer to an array of parts indicating the type of each character.



true The function succeeded.
false The call failed.