int get_path(handle device,
             point* vertices,
             byte* types,
             int count)

This function obtains the current path of a device context.


handle device

The handle of the device context.

point* vertices

A pointer to a buffer to hold the points defining the path.

byte* types

A pointer to an array of bytes to hold the point types. See enumeration point_type.

int count

The number of elements in the point and type arrays. If zero is specified, the number of points in the path is returned.



count==0 The number of points in the path.
count!=0 If the specified buffers were of sufficient size, the value returned is the number of points transferred to the buffers. If the specified buffer size was insufficient or an error occurred, -1 is returned.


The device context must contain a closed path.

Although a device context stores the path in device coordinates, this function returns the path in logical coordinates. That is, the inverse of the current transformation is applied to the points prior to returning them.