unsigned get_file_size(handle file,
                       unsigned* high)

This function returns the size (in bytes) of the file.


handle file

The handle of the file whose size is being queried.

unsigned* high

A pointer to an integer that is updated to contain the high-order 32 bits of the file's size. If this parameter is set to null, it is assumed that the high-order integer is not required and the low-order 32 bit file size is returned instead.



An integer containing the low-order 32 bits of the file's size. If an error occurs, 0xffffffff is returned. When 0xffffffff is returned, the function get_last_error may be used to distinguish between the value being part of a valid 64 bit result and it representing an error. When the parameter High is null and 0xffffffff is returned, an error has occurred.


This function should be called only for a seeking type device. The function get_file_type may be used to ascertain the type of the device.

To obtain the compressed size of a file, see function get_compressed_file_size.