template <class character>
bool get_class_information(handle module,
                           const character* name,
                           window_class<character>* information)

This function obtains information about a window class.


handle module

The handle of the instance of the application that created the class. To obtain information about system defined classes (such as buttons or list boxes), this parameter should be set to null.

const character* name

A pointer to a string containing the name of the class. The name must be that of a system class or of a class registered by a call to the function register_class. Alternatively, this parameter can be an integer atom. If an integer atom is supplied for the class name, it must be a global atom created by a call to the function add_global_atom, or an atom returned by a call to the function register_class. An atom is a 16-bit integer value that is less than 0xc000. When an atom is specified for the class name, the high order part of this parameter must be set to zero.

window_class<character>* information

A pointer to a buffer to hold the class information being queried.



true The class information was successfuly queried.
false The function call was unsuccessful.