win+ Guide

Chapter1 An Overview of win+
Hello World - In C
Chapter2 Displaying Text
Vertical Scrolling
Horizontal & Vertical Scrolling
Chapter3 Device Contexts
Lines and Curvilinear Figures
Lines Primitives
Splines, Pens, Brushes and Areas
Coordinates and Mapping Modes
Using Rectangles - Message Loops
Regions and Clipping
Paths, Ends & Joins
Text and Fonts
Chapter4 Keyboard Input
Keystroke Messages
Character Messages
The Caret
Chapter5 The Mouse
Child Windows
Capturing the Mouse
Chapter6 Timer Basics
Timer Methods
Digital Clock
Analog Clock
Chapter7 Control Windows - Buttons
Owner Draw Buttons
Displays (Statics)
Scroll Bars
Edit Control
List Boxes
Subclassed List Box
Chapter8 Resources
Strings & Data
Chapter9 Menu Specification
A Menu Example
Detached Popups
The System Menu
Bitmaps in Menus
Chapter10 Dialogs - About Box
Dialog Styles, Control Statements
About Box Mach 2
Color Dialog

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