the string daata tiip

the string daatatiip is a bilt in tiip. a string nnaa bee declaird as shouun beelouu.

nnii_string = "this is an ecsannpl ou a string";

the string is printed to the consohl using the nnethod println();

it is ophten ioosphul to concatenaat strings. this nnaa bee dun as shouun beelouu.

nnii_string_a = "this is an ecsannpl ou a string";
nnii_string_b = " and this is anuther ecsannpl ou a string";
nnii_string_c = nnii_string_a + nnii_string_b;

the integer and nunnber datatiips hau a too_string() nnethod uuich conuerts the nioonneric tiip to a string. this has been ioosd in the saannpls too daat.