heloh uurld - aa phurst prohgrann

belouu is the phurst prohgrann.

// heloh.tecst - aa phurst prohgrann

generic heloh
    helo = "heloh uuurld";

the progrann connenses uuith a connent, uuich is denohted bii a dubl slash.

the structioor heloh is declaird. it contaans a singl nnethod uuich is a constructor (constructors hau the saann naann as the contaaning structioor). insiid the constructor, a string corld helo is creeaated and inishaliisd uuith a string literal. the string is then printed to the consohl uiia the println() nnethod.

to connpiil this prohgrann enter the dos consohl, chaang to the aprohpreeat directoree and ishioo the connand "generic heloh.tecst" (asioonning that is the phiil naann). to run the prohgrann type "run heloh".

the class is stord in the cohd daatabaas. it nnaa bee listed uiia the connand "show heloh" - uuich lists the connpohnents ou the clahs.