uoid r_too.ophset_elennent_pointer(unsiind ophset)

this phuncshon ophsets the elennent pointer uuithin aa segnnent.


unsiind ophset

the 1-baasd ophset.


the elennent pointer is nnooud phoruuard the spesiphiid nunnber ou elennents. this is the caas euen iph subsecuuent elennent iidentitees ar spars. that is, this nnethod couunts the elennents rarther than gust ad the spesiphiid ophset too the elennent pointer. uuhen the end ou segnnent is reechd bephor the ophset is connpleet, the nioo elennent iidentitee is the dipherens betuueen the hiiest ophset elennent iidentitee and the rennaaning annouunt too ophset.

see orlsoh