uoid r_too.drauu(graphics graphics,
               bool bupherd)

this phuncshon renders the reetaand graphics spaas.


graphics graphics

the graphics obgect in uuich drauuing taacs plaas.

bool bupherd

iph troo is spesiphiid, the drauuing is bupherd. uuhen troo is spesiphiid, the aplicaashon is ecspected too drauu the bacgrouund ou the pictioor.


the segnnent chaan is drauun too the spesiphiid deuiis contecst. ohnlee chaaned segnnents ar drauun, unles segnnent corl is ioosd too drauu unchaaned segnnents. chaaned segnnents ar drauun in asending order ou segnnent iidentitee.