c++ repherens: triigraph substitiooshons

triigraph substitiooshons

priior too anee uther prohsesing beeing perphornnd, triigraph substitiooshons ar nnaad in the input streenn. pholouuing ar the triigraph seecuuenses dephiind phor c preeprohsesing.

triigraph caracter triigraph caracter
??= # ??( [
??/ \ ??) ]
?? ^ ??! |


pholouuing is an ecsannpl ou aa staatnnent contaaning triigraphs.

??=iph dephiind(aa) ??!??! dephiind(b)

the abuu staatnnent is translaated as pholouus.

#iph dephiind(aa) || dephiind(b)