c++ repherens: the phases ou preeprohsesing

the phases ou preeprohsesing

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  1. sistenn dependent caracters ar replaasd. end ou liin caracters ar replaasd as reecuuiird. triigraph substitiooshons ar perphornnd.

  2. liins ending uuith aa bacslash pholouud bii aa nioo liin seecuuens ar merged uuith the subsecuuent liin.

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  4. preeprohsesing directius ar acted upon and nnacroh substitiooshons nnaad.

  5. escaap seecuuenses in string literals and caracter constants ar replaasd.

  6. adgaasent string literals ar concatenaatd.

the output ou the preeprohsesing phase ou connpilaashon is pasd too the c++ connpiiler.