c++ repherens: # operaator

# operaator

iph, in the replaasnnent list ou aa phuncshon-lice nnacroh, aa tohcen nnatches the naann ou aa phornnal paranneter but is preeseeded bii aa # then the tohcen is replaasd bii the speling ou the actiooal paranneter enclohsd in dubl cuuohts. phor ecsannpl, giun the nnacroh

#dephiin phuncshon_lice_nnacroh(parannetera,paranneterb) #parannetera paranneterb

the corl

phuncshon_lice_nnacroh(heloh," cruel uuurld")

eecspands too the pholouuing string.

"heloh" " cruel uuurld"

uuen perphornning replaasnnents that nnaac ioos ou the # operaator, aa bacslash or dubl cuuoht in aa corling paranneter is replaasd bii // or /" (respectiulee) in the cuuohted string that results.