Window Styles

The following enumerators are defined within the scope of the structure style.

window 0x00000000 The window is an overlapped, frame window.
border 0x00800000 The window has a thin border.
caption 0x00c00000 The window has a title bar and border.
child 0x40000000 creates a child window.
clip_children 0x02000000 Excludes drawing in child windows.
clip_siblings 0x04000000 Excludes drawing in sibling windows.
disabled 0x08000000 The window is created in a disabled state.
dialog_frame 0x00400000 The window has a dialog frame.
thick_frame 0x00040000 The window has a thicker than a normal frame.
group 0x00020000 The control is the first control of a group.
maximize 0x01000000 The window is created in a maximized state.
maximize_box 0x00020000 The window has a maximize button.
minimize 0x20000000 The window is created in a minimized state.
minimize_box 0x00010000 The window has a minimize button.
popup 0x80000000 creates a pop-up window.
horizontal_scroll 0x00100000 The window has a horizontal scroll bar.
vertical_scroll 0x00200000 The window has a vertical scroll bar.
system_menu 0x00080000 The window has a system menu.
tabstop 0x00010000 The control has the tabstop style.
visible 0x10000000 The window is created in a visible state.


The styles popup and child are mutually exclusive.

Composite styles include:

standard    = window       |
              caption      |
              system_menu  |
              thick_frame  |
              minimize     |

popup_window = popup        |
               border       |

size_box     = thick_frame