This class is used to set format of a metafile picture.

struct meta_picture
  int mapping_mode;
  idimensions extent;
  handle metafile;


mapping_mode The unit mapping mode used to render the picture.
extent The size of the metafile picture for all modes except the unit::Isotropic and unit::Anisotropic. The y-coordinate specifies the height of the rectangle within which the picture is drawn. The coordinates are in units that correspond to the mapping mode.

For modes unit::isotropic and unit::anisotropic (which are scalable), this member contains the suggested size in units unit::high_metric. For pictures using unit::anisotropic, the width and height can be zero (when no suggested size is being given). For pictures using unit::Isotropic, an aspect ratio must be supplied even when no suggested size is given. If positive coordinates are given, they specify a suggested size and the aspect ratio. An aspect ratio may be specified without implying a suggested size by using negative values for the coordinates. In this case only the ratio of the values is used.

metafile The handle of a memory-based metafile.