template <class character>
bool get_text_extent(handle device,
                     const character* text,
                     int length,
                     idimensions* extent)

This function obtains the dimensions of a text string.


handle device

The handle of the device context.

const character* text

A pointer to the text whose dimensions are being queried.

int length

The length (in characters) of the text pointed to by the previous parameter.

idimensions* extent

A pointer to a structure that is updated to hold the dimensions of the text. Note that the x-coordinate holds the width and the y-coordinate holds the height.



true The function succeeded.
false The call failed.


The currently selected font is used to obtain the dimensions of the string (width and height - in logical units). No clipping is performed when calculating these dimensions.

Because some devices are capable of using kerning characters, the sum of the extents of the individual characters in a string may not be equal to the extent of the entire string.

The returned string width includes the intercharacter spacing.