bool get_process_shutdown_parameters(unsigned* level,
                                     unsigned* flags)

This function obtains the process shutdown parameters.


unsigned* level

A pointer to a variable that is updated to contain the shutdown level. The following table describes the shutdown ranges (applications begin shutdown at level 0x280).

range Interpretation
0x000-0x00ff System final shutdown range.
0x100-0x1ff Application final shutdown range.
0x200-0x2ff Application intermediate shutdown range.
0x300-0x3ff Application initial shutdown range.
0x400-0x4ff System initial shutdown range.

unsigned* flags

A pointer to a variable that receives the shutdown flags. Currently, only a single flag is defined.

shutdownNoRetry If the process takes longer than the specified amount of time to shutdown, do not show a retry message box.



true The function succeeded.
false The call failed.


The system shuts down processes according to the priority for the process - that is, higher priority processes are shut down first. The lower priorities are reserved for system components.