template <class character>
unsigned get_private_profile_integer(const character* section,
                                     const character* key_name,
                                     int default_value,
                                     const character* file_name)

This function obtains an integer stored under a key in a private profile.


const character* section

A pointer to a string naming the section under which the key is stored.

const character* key_name

A pointer to a string naming the key whose value is being sought. This value data is in the form of a string which is converted to an integer and returned.

int default_value

A default value that is returned when the specified key cannot be located.

const character* file_name

A pointer to a string naming the profile from which information is being retrieved.



The integer equivalent of the numeric character string found under the specified key name or the default value (when the key cannot be located).


The first non-numeric character encountered terminates the specification of the number.

The registry should be used to store data in preference to this function.