bool get_printer_driver_directory(const character* name,
                                  const character* environment,
                                  unsigned Level,
                                  byte* directory,
                                  unsigned size,
                                  unsigned* required)

This function obtains the printer driver directory.


const character* name

A pointer to a string containing the name of the server on which the driver directory resides. If null is specified, the local printer driver directory is obtained.

const character* environment

A pointer to a string specifying the environment (e.g. "Windows NT x86"). If null is specified, the environment of the calling application and machine is used.

unsigned level

The level of information - must be 1.

byte* directory

A pointer to a buffer to hold the path of the driver directory.

unsigned size

The size (in bytes) of the buffer provided by the previous parameter.

unsigned* required

A pointer to a variable that is updated to contain the number of bytes transferred to the buffer - when the call succeeds. When the call fails because the buffer size is too small, the variable holds the required buffer size (in bytes).


true The function succeeded.
false The call failed.