template <class character>
bool get_print_processor_directory(const character* server,
                                   const character* environment,
                                   unsigned level,
                                   byte* information,
                                   unsigned size,
                                   unsigned* required)

This function obtains the path of the print processor of a server.


const character* server

A pointer to a string naming the server containing the print processor directory being obtained. If null is specified, the local print processor directory is returned.

const character* environment

A pointer to a string specifying the environment (e.g. "Windows NT x86"). If null is specified, the environment of the calling application and machine is used.

unsigned level

The level of information being obtained - must be 1.

byte* information

A pointer to a buffer to hold the directory of the print processor.

unsigned size

The size (in bytes) of the buffer provided by the previous parameter.

unsigned* required

A pointer to a variable that is updated to contain the number of bytes copied to the buffer - when the function succeeds. When the specified buffer is too small, this variable contains the required buffer size (in bytes).



true The function succeeded.
false The call failed.