handle get_next_dialog_tab_item(handle dialog,
                                handle control,
                                bool previous)

This function obtains a handle of a control with the style style::Tabstop that either precedes or follows a given control.


handle dialog

The handle of the dialog in which the control is sought.

handle control

The handle of the control whose previous or subsequent control is sought. If null is specified, either the last or first control within the dialog is used.

bool previous

true A control preceding the given control is sought.
false A control following the given control is sought.



null An error occurred.
Other The handle of a control that has the tabstop style.


The search is conducted in the order (or reverse order) in which the controls were created in the dialog box template. The first control that is visible, not disabled, and has the style style::Tabstop is returned. If no such control exists, the function returns Control.