int get_mouse_move_points(unsigned size,
                          const mouse_move_point* search,
                          mouse_move_point* buffer,
                          int points,
                          unsigned resolution)

This function obtains the history of mouse or pen movements.


unsigned size

The size of the mouse move structure.

const mouse_move_point* search

An object containing the mouse screen coordinates. The object may also contain a time stamp. A search is made for the point in the mouse coordinates history. If the point is found, information for the specified number of preceding movements (including the given point) is obtained. If a time stamp is specified, it is used to differentiate between points with identical coordinates that were recorded at different times. The given point should have been obtained via message::mouse_move and converted to screen coordinates.

mouse_move_point* buffer

A pointer to a buffer to receive the points. The buffer should be at least Points * sizeof(mouse_move_point) in size.

int points

The number of points for which information is obtained.

unsigned resolution

mouse_move_resolution::display Obtains the points using the display resolution.
mouse_move_resolution::driver Obtains the points using the driver resolution. Some platforms may support pen drivers with a resolution much higher than the display resolution. In such cases, this function may be used by applications that require higher resolution.



-1 The call failed.
Other The number of points for which information was provided.


The coordinate history buffer holds 64 points.

The points that are returned were dispatched to any thread in the system - not just the calling thread.