template <class character>
handle get_module_handle(const character* module=0)

This function obtains the handle of an open module.


const character* module

The module name. The module name may have the extension .DLL or .EXE included. If no filename extension is supplied, the extension .DLL is defaulted. A module name without any extension may be explicitly specified by including a trailing period character (.). No path is required to be included in the name. The name is compared (case independently) to the names of modules currently mapped into the address space of the calling process. If a null pointer is passed, this function retrieves the handle of the file used to create the calling process.



The handle of the module or null if an error occurred.


Obtaining the module handle through this function works only if the named module has already been mapped into the address space of the calling process.

The resultant handle is not global, inheritable or duplicative, nor can it be used by other processes.