template <class character>
unsigned get_metafile_description(handle metafile,
                                  unsigned size,
                                  character* buffer)

This function obtains the optional description of a metafile.


handle metafile

The handle of the metafile.

unsigned size

The length (in characters) of the specified buffer. No more data than will fit the buffer is copied.

character* buffer

A pointer to a buffer to hold the description. If null is specified, the length (in characters) of the metafile description is returned.



If the description exists and the pointer to the buffer is null, the length (in characters) of the description string is returned. If the description exists and a buffer pointer is provided, the number of characters copied to the buffer is returned. If the optional description does not exist, zero is returned. If the function fails, error_return::graphics is returned.


The optional textual description consists of two strings:

The strings are separated by a null character and terminated with two null characters.

For example:

"C++ Compiler\0English\0\0"

where: \0 represents the null character.