unsigned get_glyph_indices(handle device,
                           const character* string,
                           int length,
                           unsigned* indices,
                           unsigned flags)

This function translates a string into an array of glyph indices.


handle device

The handle of the device context whose currently selected font is being used.

const character* string

A pointer to a string to be translated.

int length

The number of elements in the array pointed to by the following parameter.

unsigned* indices

A pointer to a buffer to hold the glyph indices.

unsigned flags

flags determining how non-existent entries are handled. The value GlyphsMarkNonexisting should be specified; in which case, entries that do not exist result in 0xffff being placed in the array.



0xffffffff An error occurred.
Other The number of characters for which information was returned.


This function may be used to determine if a glyph exists within a font.