template <class character>
bool get_codepage_information_extended(unsigned codepage,
                                       unsigned flags,
                                       codepage_information_extended<character>* information)

This function obtains information about a code page.


unsigned codepage

The code page about which information is to be obtained. The identity of any installed or available code page may be specified, or one of the following predefined values may be specified.

default_codepage::standard The system default ANSI code page.
default_codepage::macintosh The system default Macintosh code page.
default_codepage::locale The system default Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) code page.

unsigned flags

Reserved and should be set to zero.

codepage_information_extended<character>* information

A pointer to a buffer to receive the requested information.



true The function succeeded.
false The call was unsuccessful.